By Elizabeth Markle, PhD, Co-Founder, Open Source Wellness and Professor of Community Mental Health, California Institute of Integral Studies

It’s a really, very unusual time. And whereas we’re all (appropriately) centered on caring for the bodily well being of ourselves, our communities, and society at massive, our psychological, emotional, and social well being wants are rapidly rising as profoundly essential as properly.

I’m government director of Open Source Wellness, the place we consider that Community Is Medicine! We domesticate in-person and digital communities the place members be taught and observe well being and wellness methods that generate human well being, well-being, and resilience. Today, I’m pleased to share a few of what we’ve got realized on your reflection and private observe throughout this time.

Freedom and Containment

During my first day of graduate faculty to develop into a psychologist, a clever, mischievous, and provocative professor mentioned to my class:

Human struggling is commonly about freedom and containment. When we’ve got an excessive amount of containment, we scream for freedom. “Let me be me! I need space! Don’t tell me what to do!” But when we’ve got an excessive amount of freedom, we begin to really feel adrift. Fearful. Lost in house… and out of the blue we’re eager for containment. “Hold me close! I need to feel safe!”

My years of labor as a therapist, professor, and neighborhood member (did I point out that I reside in a cooperative family of eight adults?) have made the knowledge of this perception so clear to me. Our interpersonal upsets and internal ache are so often a type of rebelling towards an excessive amount of containment (“Don’t fence me in!”) or protesting not sufficient contact or safety (“Where did you GO?”)

Context Within the COVID-19 Pandemic

frustrated mom with noisy kids

What does all of this should do with a world pandemic, social distancing, and the disruption of every little thing?

First, many people reside in locations the place a few of our on a regular basis social buildings have been altered, and some have even evaporated. These buildings usually create connections: in conferences and on the water cooler at work, in school and on the playground at college, on the gymnasium, the pub, the restaurant, the baseball sport, and the espresso store. Importantly, in addition they create distance. We say goodbye to our companions and youngsters within the morning, and we greet them once more within the night. All of this used to occur robotically, with out a lot effort on our components. It’s been constructed into the construction of our lives. By nullifying our acquainted social buildings, the pandemic is creating new ranges of chaos and confusion for many individuals. It can really feel like we’ve got to reinvent ourselves and our lives within the context of a very new (and for many people, terrifying) panorama.

Creating Health and Wellness Strategies to Thrive

It’s regular to stagger when our previous buildings change. And at this time, we’ve got the chance (and frankly, the crucial) to create new buildings — deliberately and by design. For our well-being, and the well-being of our households and communities, we’re known as upon to really generate sustainable buildings that produce sanity, well being, and human thriving.

How? At Open Source Wellness, we assist of us create every day buildings utilizing a “Universal Prescription”: MOVE, NOURISH, CONNECT, BE.

Open Source Wellness Health and Wellness Strategies: Move, Nourish, Connect, Be

Whether you’re in typically good well being or scuffling with persistent bodily or psychological challenges, we consider that you simply — and everybody else — wants these 4 issues daily!

1. Move

woman doing yoga with dog

Our our bodies want to maneuver. Every day. They must stretch, attain, twist, bend, step, and sweat to no matter diploma works on your distinctive form and structure. They don’t care if it’s on the gymnasium, out within the neighborhood, or in your lounge, or within the backyard — they only want exercise. It’s not nearly “staying in shape.” It’s about your immune well being and your psychological well being as properly! As I inform my sufferers and college students, bodily exercise is, in lots of instances, a stronger intervention for despair or nervousness than medicine. Build motion into your every day construction, a minimum of 20 minutes/day (and ideally extra)! YouTube train movies vary from three-minute exercises to greater than an hour, and lots of them are family-friendly as properly.

2. Nourish

woman making healthy meal

At Open Source Wellness, we advise establishing a every day meal construction that fills you with nourishing, wholesome meals: Foods that make you’re feeling full of life, centered, resourced, and sane.

A balanced and nutritious meal units you up for regular vitality, temper, and motivation all through the remainder of your day. And time and once more, we see that a complete meals, plant-centered weight loss plan, that’s plentiful in fruits and greens, is nice on your intestine, your mind, your vitality, and your general wellness.

Always needed to make a dietary change, be taught to meal prep, train your youngsters to prepare dinner, or pattern a brand new delicacies? Now’s the time! Structure one or two 30-minute chunks of time centered on good meals into your days.

three. Connect

connecting via video chat with family

This one, now greater than ever, is essential. Humans must really feel linked. We must really feel seen, heard, and understood by different people — and to increase the identical in return. And because it won’t “just happen” all through your day, you’re going to wish to schedule it. More to the purpose, you’ll must ASK FOR IT. To get weak sufficient to say, “I really want to connect with you. Can we talk?” Tell the reality about the way you’re feeling and what you’re experiencing. Invite another person to do the identical and hear with kindness and generosity.

This can occur in individual, cuddled up on the sofa, or out on the porch from six ft aside. It can occur over Zoom, Skype, and even on the cellphone. Love and human connection can transcend house and circumstance.

Here’s my perception: Truly high-quality human consideration is among the world’s most treasured assets. It is targeted, light, current, open, non-judgmental, , curious, and caring. It shouldn’t be distracted, superior, advising, waiting-for-you-to-stop-talking-so-I-can-tell-you-what-I-think. It’s what we love about psychotherapy and teaching, and what we desperately want our companions, households, and mates would supply us (and what they desperately want we would supply them). 

But right here’s the nice factor: This type of attention-resource — we may name it “attentional capital” — is the regenerative form. Investing attentional capital in relationships begets extra of it. And with intentionality, we are able to create teams and communities the place that is the norm. James Rouse is famously quoted as saying, “A community is a garden in which to grow people.” With high-quality consideration, we are able to create Community as Medicine for ourselves, our households, and our societies.

four. Be

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Amidst all of the “doing” — the making ready, defending, adjusting, coping, responding, offering, and procuring — people want moments to easily be. It’s not essentially about serenity or heat fuzzy emotions. It’s about pausing lengthy sufficient to let your nervous system come again to baseline after extended activation. Experiment with what works for you. If meditation or guided leisure works for you, nice! If watching a crappy TV present whereas snuggled into the sofa feels good, then that may work, too. Notice how you’re feeling after alternative ways of being, and discover what helps you’re feeling extra calm, current, and at peace.

A Note About Suffering

If painful feelings get too loud or overwhelming while you attempt to decelerate, you might encounter one of many nice paradoxes of being human. Here’s how I see it: We all need to really feel good, be pleased, and expertise peace. And generally, all of us expertise precisely the alternative: ache, misery, worry, grief, dis-ease. The catch is that in moments of struggling, if we get upset or indignant or fearful about the struggling (Why is that this taking place? I don’t need to be feeling this fashion. It shouldn’t be like this!), our struggling tends to tighten, like a knotted rope while you pull on each ends. Suffering about struggling is a tried-and-true method to preserve struggling.  Tricky, proper?

The entry level to peace from struggling is, paradoxically, to totally settle for the ache you’re feeling proper now. As a lot as doable, to befriend it, and to make it okay for current, precisely as it’s, at this second. And from that house, even for only a micro-moment, you would possibly expertise a little bit of ease – of being happy with (whereas not essentially thrilled about) what’s taking place. Tightening round ache makes the discomfort far worse. Relaxing into it might probably create more room and ease.

So, if slowing down to simply be finally ends up surfacing painful emotions, right here’s my advice:

  1. First, take a second to see should you can befriend them. Welcome them. Invite them to be current, identical to a loving and fearless buddy or counselor would possibly say, “Tell me all about it!” Bring the identical loving consideration to your personal emotions that you simply would possibly deliver to a buddy in want.
  2. Notice what occurs. If you discover some elevated capability to be with the ache, nice! If it shifts in high quality, depth, or taste, that’s fascinating! And if not, if it nonetheless feels overwhelming after a couple of minutes – it’s advantageous to “change the channel.” Do one thing that comforts you (Movie? Call a buddy? Go for a hike? Take a heat tub?) and deliver kindness to that too.

An Opportunity to Practice These Health and Wellness Strategies

How will we apply all of this? Here’s the place we frequently begin at Open Source Wellness: a private well-being stock. How are you doing with every of the 4 features of the “Universal Prescription”? Try ranking each (MOVE, NOURISH, CONNECT, and BE) on a scale from 1-10, with one being “I’m nowhere close to assembly my targets for this.” And 10 being “I’m feeling nice about this, and my habits completely aligns with my values.” You may additionally add a line about why you gave the ranking you probably did, and one small, concrete experiment you could possibly attempt to see if it makes a distinction!

Sample Well-Being Inventory

As an instance, right here’s mine for at this time:

  1. MOVE: 7
    1. Why?
      1. I’ve a reasonably good morning motion routine, however a minor damage has me feeling much less sturdy than I’d like.
    2. Next Step:
      1. Find a Youtube video of a 10-minute indoor exercise, and attempt it tomorrow morning!
  2. NOURISH: 6
    1. Why?
      1. I’ve principally been consuming meals that make me really feel wholesome and alive – and then consuming some sugary issues (hellooo, chocolate!) on high of that, which makes me really feel exhausted later within the day. Room for enchancment!
    2. Next Step:
      1. I’ll add some greens to my breakfast, and maintain off on chocolate till after three pm as an experiment, tomorrow.
  3. CONNECT: 6
    1. Why?
      1. I’m fortunate to have housemates to talk with informally all through the day, however I miss deeper connections. Also, being single and sheltering-in-place shouldn’t be optimum!! (That mentioned, my partnered mates aren’t reporting that it’s a cakewalk, both!)
    2. Next Step:
      1. Schedule 2 deeper, 1×1 conversations by cellphone this week with mates.
  4. BE: four
    1. Why?
      1. I’m nonetheless doing my morning meditation and journaling, however the bodily isolation from the remainder of the world has my stress stage elevated.
    2. Next Step:
      1. I’d wish to attempt instituting “Afternoon Veg Time”: 20 minutes of whole non-productivity!

As you do that private well-being evaluation for your self, what do you discover? Which of those 4 practices do you incorporate effortlessly, as part of your every day routine? Which ones would possibly want a bit extra consideration, extra observe, or extra cultivation?

At Open Source Wellness, numerous communities come collectively to observe these 4 issues, and to attach deeply with one another. Here’s a video of our digital teams in motion, with members sharing about their experiences with the train above:

To be a part of an Open Source Wellness digital group, you may join HERE, and we’ll attain out!

In Summary

In brief, this time is a chance to get INTENTIONAL. To select reasonably than to float. In the absence of most of the issues that usually dictate our days, we’re known as on to create the buildings that can assist our well being, bodily and emotionally, in a time of profound uncertainty. Try out well being and wellness methods like MOVE, NOURISH, CONNECT, and BE into your days, and tell us the way it goes for you!

And in case the time period “social distancing” bums you out as a lot because it does for me… attempt “expansive solidarity” as an alternative. We’re proper right here, on this collectively… spaciously.

Tell us within the feedback

  • How are you feeling?
  • What well being and wellness methods have you ever been doing to assist your self throughout social distancing?
  • How are you able to incorporate the Universal Prescription (Move, Nourish, Connect, and Be) into your life extra?

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